About us

  • Our main activity is the design, manufacture, and modernization of tube amplifiers and other audio devices, including those according to customer specifications.
  • We design and manufacture amplifiers that reproduce any sound material equally well. Mostly these are powerful single-ended amplifiers that perfectly control most modern loudspeaker systems.
  • Our amplifiers are not genre-oriented. Single-ended amplifiers are equally good at reproducing chamber music and hard rock. We have products that have no analogs. The chain of work from the approval of the specification with the customer to the finished product is also unparalleled.
  • We believe that amplifiers based on high-power tubes, such as the ГУ-48, are physically unable to naturally reproduce all the details of the sound recording. Therefore, to obtain a high output power of an amplifier, we use several less powerful tubes that can more accurately reproduce sound, without parallel switching on the tubes.

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